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About Us

Our Values

At Cosmediclinic we strive for quality in all aspects of our performance, and aim to provide each client with a positive experience. Our approach is to work with each individual with careful assessment of their problems, and to develop a set of tailored treatment solutions that have clear, achievable and realistic outcomes.

We prefer to make a set of gradual adjustments, rather than attempt a radical makeover, assisting each client to incrementally eliminate cosmetic defects and helping them progress towards a visual identity they feel comfortable with.

Cosmediclinic values client safety and medically proven practices. We will not recommend procedures that have a high risk of adverse outcomes. We do not undertake procedures that have dubious benefit. We always provide detailed post-treatment instructions, to help ensure the best possible result. We will not undertake any procedure until each client has a reached a realistic understanding of the likely outcomes of that treatment.

At Cosmediclinic we care about what we do, because we want to provide the very best care for our clients.

Meet the Team

Dr Kho: Principal Practitioner

Dr Khoi
Principal Practitioner

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Am Suan Nguyen - Dermal Therapist

Am Suan Nguyen
Dermal Therapist

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Behind the Scenes

Mr Michael Anderson – Practice Manager

Mr Michael Anderson
Practice Manager

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Ms Paula Scholes – Brand Ambassador

Ms Paula Scholes
Brand Ambassador

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