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Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is made from pure, natural crushed minerals and contains a higher concentration of minerals compared to conventional makeup. Many dermatologists recommend the use of mineral makeup because these are free from preservatives, parabens, oil, fragrance, dyes and other chemicals that cause irritation to skin. Mineral makeup is suitable for women with acne-prone and sensitive skin. Mineral makeup is recommended to individuals suffering from rosacea, eczema and also for women frustrated with skin problems.

The ingredients used in mineral makeup comprise of conventional products such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxides. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the main ingredients that help block the penetration of sunlight. A sunscreen with an SPF 45 is recommended for prolonged sun exposure. Zinc oxide also has anti-inflammatory properties. Mineral makeup may be useful to soothe inflamed skin as it contains a higher concentration of zinc oxide than the traditional makeup.

Although comparatively safe, mineral makeup contains ultra-small particles of the active ingredients referred to as nano-particles that can penetrate the skin and cause harmful reactions. Bismuth oxychloride, a compound that gives the makeup its pearly finish, is believed to cause skin irritation and acne flare-ups. However, bismuth oxychloride is safe in majority of women; women with highly sensitive skin may be at an increased risk of skin irritation.

Some of the mineral products now available include bronzer, blusher, eye shadow, lipstick, and even liquid foundations. No single product will heal enlarged pores and pigmentation spots. However, you may need a primer, concealer, and a good skin care regimen to address large pores and uneven pigmentation.

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