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Chemical Peels

Pumpkin Peel

An advanced exfoliation treatment which is excellent for age management, acne and hyperpigmentation. This treatment uses acids and pumpkin pulp to create a very strong heat response on the skin. Pimples are instantly zapped! Pigmentation instantly looks lighter! Fine lines look softer! Definitely DermaQuest’s most asked and talked about treatment… unlike no other peel. Simply the best treatment for quick skin results. Improves skin hydration, supports barrier function of the skin, refines the appearance of wrinkles. decreases existing acne and aids in preventing new acne lesions, evens skin tone and lightens the appearance of pigmentation while stimulating the skin to work in a more organised and healthy manner!

Blueberry Smoothie

CosMedix deliciously refreshing Blueberry Smoothie™ scrub helps invigorate the skin with the use of a gentle acid, and active blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful glow without irritation.

Lactobotanical Peels 

Are the cheat’s way to a perfect, enviable complexion and flawless looking skin! This technique uses high concentrations of naturally derived botanicals, high octane cosmeceutical correctives, and certified organic non-genetically modified ingredients. This type of peel contains chirally correct and optically pure actives to provide best results with minimal irritation or trauma. It is free of propylene glycol, mineral oils, parabens, artificial perfumes, animal derived ingredients, petrochemicals, and other harsh surfactants. This peel has been tested on human and not on animals. The peel is performed by well educated and certified doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to ensure you the best possible care.

Phytotretinoin Peel

This peel synergises ultra pure Beta and Alpha hydroxy fruit extracts with Lanablue™; a truly innovative botanical retinol complex that operate in tandem at a cellular level to visibly rejuvenate your skin and complexion.

Benefit Peel

This potent antioxidant peel helps deliver a blend of nourishing and natural ingredients into the skin layers, without excessive peeling. The ultimate antioxidant peel for hypersensitive, aging, or acne prone skin, Benefit Peel™ is gentle enough for sensitive skin patients.


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